Client Feature – Dale Hummel

Release Date : 10-Jul-2017

Please allow me to introduce you to Dale and Holly Hummel and their family, who own and operate Hummel Livestock.  With a base in Illinois, Dale is a very articulate, well-educated man with a world of knowledge about the Boer goat breed.  The contribution of Hummel Livestock to the Boer goat community in the U.S. is significant. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dale in person, after a major Grand Champion win at the American Royal Stock Show in Kansas City, in the fall of 2016. I went on to watch him win another Grand Championship at the NAILE, and take Reserve Champion at the NWSS.  I am delighted to share their story, and how they have used Trans Ova cloning technology to impact their herd.  Let’s begin:

  1. Dale, please share the history of Hummel Livestock:

    Both Holly and I grew up showing livestock and were fortunate to find a great deal of success participating in high school and collegiate livestock judging teams. The postgraduate school I took a position as an Animal Science Professor and livestock judging team coach. After many years of coaching livestock judging teams and assisting youth with various livestock projects, we decided to give our children this experience, which that has formed a solid foundation for so many youths as they seek careers both in and out of the livestock industry. Raising and exhibiting wether goats is something that our entire family can participate in and enjoy. Our goal is to produce the highest quality wether goats possible. After a great deal of research and many trips to the heart of goat country, we feel that we have established a strong genetic base that will allow us to build on into the future. Hummel Livestock will continue to build from our current base, as well as take the necessary steps forward to remain consistently competitive at the national level. We have made lifelong friendships in this endeavor and are taking this opportunity to teach our children important life lessons about friendship, hard work, responsibility and compassion, just to name a few.
  2. Why did you decide to use genetic preservation and cloning?

    It is our desire to remain competitive in the business of producing and exhibiting wether goats that can compete at any show in the country. Taking into consideration the limited number of generations that goats have been selected as show stock, we undoubtedly have a long way to go to consistently produce the quality that is more common from the leading breeders in other species. We have to take advantage of every option available in order to progress and bring showing goats into the spotlight. When there is a sire that is an outlier within the industry and has the prepotency we all desire, they will often prove to last the test of time. We have chosen to clone our elite proven sires and will continue to take advantage of this tool into the future. We are in a fast-moving industry and in order to stay on top, we need to embrace all the technology that is available.

  3. Which genetic donors have you cloned?

    We have chosen to clone one of our lead stud bucks, “Poncho”. Poncho has sired wethers that have won shows on the largest stages in the country.  His daughters have followed in line and are now becoming our most valued donors. The stud bucks that Poncho has sired are now in production and have found great success in their first kid crop. The true value of a sire may not be recognized until a few generations past his progeny when, in hindsight, you can clearly evaluate the impact that a single individual can have on a given program or even an entire industry.

  4. How has the cloned individual contributed to your herd?

    Now that Poncho is deceased we will be able to continue to produce progeny from that genetic line. This is a genetic piece that is invaluable to our operation. We are now able to use P2 on the same does that Poncho had produced numerous champions at the most competitive shows in the country.

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