Client Feature – Richard Taylor, Blue Mountain Peak Ranch

Release Date : 11-Sep-2018

On August 10, I had the pleasure of connecting with a special client again.  I had first met Richard Taylor when he came to Iowa to visit his two longhorn cloned calves.  He is a delightful man who is well read on many subjects, with a fascinating life history.  He and his partner Suzi Paris, spend their time on a spectacular ranch near Mason, Texas, making the world a better place through their conservation and philanthropic gestures in their small Texas community.  We spent the afternoon touring the ranch, looking for Old Tex and his two cloned teenager calves.  We finally found them, and Old Tex was mentoring the calves, just like his masters Richard and Suzi, mentor the youth in their area.  The cloned calves were thriving under the tutelage of Old Tex, as they are learning the ropes in “cow heaven”.  But I digress, and we will let Richard tell his story:

Richard, tell us about your ranch.

After a 6 year search, against criteria we developed, we bought what became, Blue Mountain Peak Ranch in 2001( 832 acres that lie in the South West corner of Mason County, Texas)  and set a goal for it “To Increase Species Diversity and Water into the Aquifer”. The major effort was to, mechanically, remove the native but invasive Ash Juniper, let it lie for 18 months and burn it off. This brought back the grasses and native flora, which needs the heat and chemicals from fire to germinate and flourish. It also brought back many, many springs as the new grasses absorb rainfall and instead of it running off, it has recharged the porous limestone beneath us. (We estimate that we are putting 3-500 million more gallons of water into the underground aquifers now.) This habitat restoration has brought back native species as well as some rare and endangered ones. We have also discovered a rare lizard that has never been found in the county before. The ranch has won many Conservation awards including the County Conservation Award; The Lone Star Land Steward Award in 2011, for the center of Texas/the Edwards Plateau. The ranch also won the 2016 Aldo Leopold Conservation Award for the top Conservation ranch for the whole State of Texas. Link to video: 

Now that you have the cloned calves, how are they assimilating into your program?  Do they act like the original animal?

We ended up with two cloned calves. Old Tex, who has not passed on yet, quickly took them under his “wing” and has shown them the ranch and what/where to eat. He is very kind to them. Thanks to ViaGen, they were well treated their first 6 months of age and were already very tame/nice when they arrived at our ranch. They have demonstrated the special, gentle behavior of Old Tex and when being brushed, immediately relax, put their heads down near the ground and cry tears, just like Old Tex does.

Trans Ova clients use our services for many reasons, but the common factor is their desire to produce an identical twin to a very special animal…to make the irreplaceable, replaceable.  Richard and Suzi have done just that and the really cool part of their story is that the original special animal– Old Tex – is still around to mentor the two cloned calves.  I look forward to stopping at the ranch next year, to see how the cloned calves have grown into their roles and are carrying on the legacy at Blue Mountain Peak Ranch.

For more information on Blue Mountain Peak Ranch watch the video above or view their website.  For more information on our cloning services, contact Trans Ova.  If you desire to preserve your very special animal, simply call us at 1-800-999-3586 and a customer service representative will walk you through the program to help make your dreams come true.

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