Elite Calf Program

The elite calf program is a recipient option for our dairy clients. The elite calf program is designed for the highest profile matings in your program. Trans Ova will manage recipients until calving, at which time team members will raise the calf on a bottle for the first 30 days of age. 


Guaranteed Live Calf: Clients are guaranteed a live, healthy calf at 30 days of age.
Highly Specialized Care:  Trans Ova Genetics’ team members are skilled in exceptional calf care and nutrition, ensuring that your calves reach their full potential.
Outstanding Client Service:  Receive detailed reports, and on-going communication regarding individual calf care.

  • Trans Ova Genetics staff will perform the first pregnancy check at day 40. Pregnancy will be reconfirmed at day 60 of gestation, and sex of the fetus will be determined via ultrasound.
  • A Full potential feeding program is provided to maximize calf growth.
  • At birth, all calves enter our veterinarian team’s health protocol.
  • All animals will have samples taken for future genetic testing.
  • Recipients are health-certified and screened for 6 major diseases. (BVD, BLV (Leukosis), Johne’s Disease, Brucellosis, Anaplasmosis, Neospora.)
  • We attempt to accommodate all client requests.




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