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40th Anniversary Spotlight – Reid Holverson

40th Anniversary Spotlight – Reid Holverson

Emily Warnimont - Monday, May 11, 2020
In honor of Trans Ova’s 40th Anniversary, we have asked team members to reminisce about their time with Trans Ova and what excites them about the future.

This week's team member spotlight to celebrate Trans Ova Genetics’ 40th Anniversary is Reid Holverson. Reid currently heads up the cattle team and Recipient program in Sioux Center, IA. In his 23 years with Trans Ova, Reid has worked hard to develop the purchase pregnancy program into a quality program with quality recipients for our clients. 

1.   What is your favorite Trans Ova memory? 
My favorite memory is proposing to my wife (Leah) at Trans Ova in the cattle yards. 

2.   What do you like best about your time at Trans Ova?
The team I work with every day.  Great group of people that know how to get things done.  I also enjoy working with the cows. 

3.   What excites you about the future of Trans Ova?
The technology.  It has come so far in the time that I’ve been here.  Hard to imagine how far it will go in the future. 

4.   What thoughts and emotions come to mind when you think about Trans Ova’s 40th anniversary?
Where has all the time gone?  It has been said that if you like your work, you don’t work a day in your life.  Way more good days than challenging ones. 

5.   In what different ways has Trans Ova excelled or grown in the last 40 years?
Trans Ova has become nationwide as well as global.  It takes a lot of quality people to make that happen. 

6.   What is your biggest accomplishment at Trans Ova?
Trans Ova’s recipient program was well established when I started.  With the help of many team members, we have tried to build upon the foundation that was in place and provide quality recipients for our customers.
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